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Responsible supply chain and product life cycle

Cash's is proud to have strong principles and clear guidelines for protecting the environment while also regularly assessing partners supplying raw materials on their worksite safety and environmental protection practices.

Responsible products

By leveraging eco-friendly technology and other production processes, Cash's is sharing its environmental principles with employees, partners and customers alike. Cash's have created a range of label and hangtag products that have minimal impact on the environment. Demand for yarns manufactured from recycled PET plastic bottles, bamboo and PLA yarns derived from annually regenerating plants is ever increasing. These products when used in conjunction with the vast range of recycled and FSC certified boards and papers assist to dramatically reduce the ecological footprint that we leave on our planet.

Responsible facility management

Cash's actively pursue recycling policies both in the office and manufacturing environments, we also have a policy of preventive maintenance and sourcing of low energy machinery to reduce green house gas emissions.