Apparel Solutions


Beginning in England as silk weavers in the 1840's, John and Joseph Cash laid the foundations for a company that today has a global reputation for the highest standards in quality, innovation and service.

Cash's is a household name with almost everyone interacting at some time in their lives with our nametapes. Generations of parents, including the Royal Family, have relied on Cash's nametapes for personalising children's school clothing. The quantity of individual name labels produced would number in the hundreds of millions, while the value of garments returned to an owner because of a Cash's name label would represent huge savings in replacements and the inconvenience of loss.

Whilst personal identification products remain a dynamic part of the business, a key thrust of the group's strategy has been to establish Cash's as a first-class worldwide provider of creative identity and brand protection solutions to brand owners as well as offering invaluable support to the retail, manufacturing, corporate and government sectors.

Identifying new global opportunities has been a part of the history of Cash's. From its initial expansion to Australia in 1913, to the more recent establishment of operations in Hong Kong, China and India, Cash's is totally committed to supporting its customers globally.

Cash's is at the forefront of technological change as evidenced by our adoption of advanced tagging and tracking systems. State-of-the-art equipment for weaving, embroidering, printing, metal stamping and casting, laser cutting, computer graphics and design, all create an unrivalled product offering.

Today's chapter for Cash's sees the company poised to continue to deliver new products and services to a market that is growing in complexity and diversity. As technology becomes more sophisticated and security a prime issue, new ways of establishing and protecting reputations and assets are being developed by Cash's. Furthermore, as the market expands into new regions Cash's will continue to evolve and maintain its dedicated leadership of supporting brand owners where their supply chain needs us.

From security labelling and systems that rout thieves and counterfeiters to innovative badging promoting a corporate identity, Cash's focus is on dedicating resources in research and development and searching the globe to create new opportunities for the market.

Cash's track record for delivering innovation has been recognised by some of the world's leading companies whose brands form part of our stable of quality clients. Both traditional manufacturers who have relied on Cash's for decades, and new technology dependent businesses look to Cash's for their identification, protection and promotional needs.

Proud of our history, Cash's today is a multi-faceted business partnering with clients to create solutions which have long term applications to deliver sound results and returns on investment.